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Breast Augmentation

Doctor Stephens is one of the premier plastic surgeons in the U.S. for breast enhancement, with a long history of excellence in providing tailor-made breast augmentation to thousands of women. We have earned Black Diamond status with Allergan breast implants because of our extensive training, high volume of procedures, and record of safety and patient satisfaction.
*This is the highest level in the Allergan Partner Privileges® medical and aesthetic practices program and is only issued to the top one percent of medical and aesthetic practices.Learn More

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy and breastfeeding, while natural parts of life, can have unpleasant effects on a woman’s body. Stretch marks and skin that appears to sag or droop can make women feel unattractive and lead to self-consciousness. At J. Anthony Stephens Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, our Mommy Makeover procedures will rejuvenate your skin and bring you back to the body you remember. Plastic Surgery Baton Rouge.
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Skincare Aesthetics of Baton Rouge

Our advanced skincare facility helps patients of all ages achieve the skin they desire through a series of safe, effective, and minimally invasive procedures. These procedures are designed to target your individual skin concerns, including wrinkles, discolorations, acne and other unwanted conditions. Learn More